Joseph Morrison has been painting since 1964, expressing through abstract forms and vivid color combinations a need to refine a deep and personal spiritual process. His work draws from his need to construct visual road-maps which point to paths of escape from a deep and constant depression brought about by a childhood plagued by instability, insecurity and torture.

Each image serves as a snapshot in the process of releasing the past and embracing the future, turning away from the limits of the material and gravitating towards the compassionate glow of spiritual knowledge of the divine. Each work is an examination of how clarity can be drawn from dissonance, harmony from conflict, progress can be found in stagnancy.

Since his conversion to the Baha'i faith Joseph has lived with the realization that all tests in life ultimately come from God, and that the greater the challenge the greater the opportunity for growth and enlightenment. His visual work is a direct extension of this journey.